There are currently three treks planned for 2024.

20-23 May is a combined youth leader trek

In September we are hosting an event for Manchester Reform Synagogue Members, and a further open event where participants can choose the charity or charities they wish to support.

Additional or private events can be added upon request.

Participants will be in two main groups marathoners, and double marathoners, and will follow routes that will complete the required distances during the event. Trekkers have the option of reducing distance each day en-route.

The double marathon group will be time-checked for progress twice during each day and may be required to join the marathon group during the walk.

The trip is planned around direct flights from the UK with three nights accommodation. Trekkers wishing to arrive a day earlier will need to purchase an extra night supplement option.

Choose whether you would like to be in a single room, a couples room, or a shared room with a fellow trekker of the same gender.

Couples or individual trekkers can also bring a companion who is not expected to complete the whole distance.


You can fully book your place now, or place a holding deposit. Both are refundable until a month before. Price is for the trek and accommodation, food and soft drinks only and excludes your flights plus any extras at the hotel