Looking back, moving forward

Values and Objects

Regenesis is a political and religion neutral non-profit organisation, formed with the aim of facilitating an understanding of heritage, strength and personal resilience. We do this by leading challenging events and bringing balance to holocaust education.

Looking back, moving forwards


There are multiple approaches to Holocaust Education. Combining a personal physical challenge with fundraising gives our participants a relevant and meaningful purpose on their heritage journey.

Fundraising Events for Holocaust Education


We have developed a series of personal challenge events to be used to raise awareness and funds for Holocaust Education projects and charities.

These are life affirming challenge events involving a combination of endurance physical activity (walking/cycling) and take in significant sites from the Holocaust era, museums and memorials.

Looking back, moving forwards


Professionally organised and guided routes, our leaders have designed routes to shine a light of positivity on your personal journey as you express your freedom of movement on a once in a lifetime challenge

funds raised for charities
Looking back, moving forwards


Trek leaders are trusted with your safety as their number one priority, and are qualified in the UK to lead groups. Our style of leadership is inclusive and transformational helping you safely develop your personal journey.

Looking back, moving forwards


As a not for profit CIC, resources are limited, and we want to offer value for money. However we encourage young trekkers (aged 21-25) to participate, and this is unaffordable and uses holiday allowances. We also need to raise funds for a medical kit to be bought and left in Prague. Please consider a donation

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